(K1) How to get to the Kawasaki industrial zone and Korea Town コリアタウン

See original post: How to get to the Kawasaki industrial zone

Related map, includes:

  • Keikyu Daishi Line
  • Keihin Kyuko Line
  • JR Tsurumi Line
  • Kirin Beer Village (map)
  • Sakuragichi Station (Yokohama)

And: Korea Town コリアタウン; includes:

  • Kawasaki Korean Elementary School 川崎朝鮮初級学校
  • Sakuramoto Shotengai 桜本商店街 (map)

For more about the Tsurumi Line, see: Visit beautiful Kawasaki! (You can’t get there from here!) かわいい川崎に行こう

See also:

the tokyo files answers 東京ファイル Q&A

Question: How do I get to the Kawasaki industrial zone?

Answer: The Kawasaki Industrial Zone is located to the southeast of Kawasaki station, along the coast. Because the zone is made up of many factories and industrial sites, there will be different transportation routes depending on where exactly you are going. A bus, in addition to a train, may be required.

In general, the Kawasaki Industrial Zone is serviced by the Tsurumi Line 鶴見線 (source). In this map, Kawasaki Station is not shown, but would appear somewhere at top center of the map, where the legend to the map is shown:

Tsurumi Line map Kawasaki.png

As you can tell from the map, there is the main Tsurumi Line (in red), with branches in yellow and blue. The line, and particularly the branches, is intended primarily for factory workers in the industrial zone. As a result, the train timetable reflects this. Unlike other trains in…

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