First, a note about language:

  • 名曲 meikyoku = a “masterpiece” or a classic piece of music, e.g. Beethoven’s 9th
  • 喫茶店 kissaten = coffee shop; generally refers to older coffee shops in Japan, as opposed to chains like Starbucks, Dotour, Excelsior, etc. In conversation, the abbreviated ‘kissa’ can be used.
  • 名曲喫茶 = meikyoku kissa = classical music cafe, the topic of this blog post

The map:

The list:

(1) Lion in Shibuya


(2) Violin in Asagaya


(3) Coffee L’ambre らんぶる (Shinjuku)

(4) Renaissance 名曲喫茶ルネッサンス (Koenji)

(5) Baroque クラシック喫茶バロック (Kichijoji)

(6) Nelken 名曲喫茶ネルケン

(7) Mignon 名曲喫茶ミニヨン (Ogikubo)

(8) Denen 名曲喫茶でんえん (Kokobunji)

(9) Chopin 名曲喫茶 ショパン

(10) Cafe Cadenza 名曲喫茶カデンツァ (Todai / Bunkyo)

  • Location: Google Maps
  • Website
  • Note: this place appears to also have live music from time to time