About thetokyofiles: maps

This site, a companion to the tokyo files, is dedicated to maps of Tokyo and the Tokyo area, which include:

See also the following map which provides an overview of the location of various mapping resources on this blog:

Map of Tokyo maps 東京地図

A little about me (adapted from a bio I wrote for another publication): “Clark Parker クラーク·パーカー is a writer living in and out of Tokyo. In his spare time he is a full-time salaryman. The Tokyo Files paints a portrait of Japan’s capital city through the lens of Clark’s obsessions, which include art & architecture, history & urban planning, and, most importantly, craft beer. See more at thetokyofiles.com.”

Unless otherwise noted, all photos and text in this blog are copyrighted by the author (or whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo is). Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Oh, and here’s a map that I tried to draw:

Mapping Tokyo 6.14 (2)


  1. Hello Clark,

    You’ve put together a wonderful resource on Tokyo, especially these maps and historical photos resources (actually, it’s all great!) In any case, I’m a prof at Vanderbilt University who teaches Japanese history and culture and this fall semester I’m doing my Tokyo seminar. I’d like to refer my students to your website to examine maps and photos of Tokyo, and perhaps to get inspiration for term project topics (several possible topics that I have listed for them overlap with some of your material). Of course I will have them contact you if they want to use any of your material and they will be obliged to do proper credit citation for anything they refer to.

    I was in Tokyo earlier in the summer for research and wish I had known about your site before my trip–it would have been nice to meet up with you over a craft beer (I had a few there).


    • Thanks for the kind words. And I’d be happy to provide any additional information that I can if your students have additional questions. I have lots of additional information that I haven’t gotten around to blogging about yet. Best of luck with the seminar. I wish I had taken your course when I was in school!

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