Tokyo Imperial Palace jogging & walking map

Maps of the popular Imperial Palace running / jogging route, which is 5 kilometers.

Points include:

1. Sakuradamon 桜田門外の変 (map)

Beautiful and imposing old gates. See: the Sakuradamon Incident (1860), during which the Japanese Chief Minister was assassinated.

2. Open area

This area of the city is remarkably wide-open; it is astonishing in the way that New York’s Central Park is astonishing (though this park may not be as beautiful).

At the edge of the palace grounds you’ll see some guards. What are they doing? Are they here to protect tourists? I asked myself this question the first time I was in Japan. I took out my guidebook, leafed through the pages about central Tokyo, and found: “The Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan…and contains several buildings including the private residences of the imperial family…” That’s right, I had forgotten (didn’t know) that Japan still has an emperor. Those guards…they’re not here to protect you…they’re here to protect the Emperor.

3. Hirakawamon 平川門

4. Takeshiba station

5. Viewing spot

6. Chidori-ga-fuchi 千鳥ヶ淵

Popular cherry tree viewing spot in the spring. Very crowded during sakura season: “A can’t-miss spot during cherry blossom season, with flowers reflected in the water of the moat and a tunnel of cherry blossoms over the walking path”

7. Nujubashi Tokyo Imperial Palace bridge

You’ll return to Sakuradamon, after which you can take a rest and take a picture at Nujubashi 二重橋, one of the most photographed spots in all of Japan. (See: Nijubashi – Tokyo’s Most Famous Bridge)

For the route, see # (12) Imperial Palace walking / running route on the following map:

Map of the Imperial Palace Grounds


  • Sannomaru Shozokan 三の丸尚蔵館 (Museum of the Imperial Collections)
  • East Gardens of the Imperial Palace (free)



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