Overview map of Tokyo

Here is one of the best general overview maps of Tokyo that I recall seeing:

Tourist maps of Tokyo are difficult to make because there is an inherent conflict between the needs for context, detail and simplicity.

Some of the features, clockwise from upper-left:


In this section of the map we see:

  • Ikebukuro Station (seen here in 2011)”

  • Shinjuku (including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building 東京都庁舎):

  • Roppongi Hills (seen here at dusk; the legs of the spider sculpture are visible at the left of the picture)

  • Meii-Jingu Shrine
  • And the nearby Omotesando shopping district (which is one of the few urban main streets in central Tokyo) – seen here at dusk
  • Further west, along the Chuo Line: Nakano, Kishijoji (and Inokashira Park), and Mt. Takao, a popular hiking hill that’s an easy day-trip (see: Tokyo Hiking)

Upper-right section

Continuing to the east of the map we see:

  • Narita Airport

Lower-right section

There’s quite a variety in this section, including:

  • Tokyo Disney (seen in circa 1945, 1975, 1985, and 2005)

Lower-left section

In the last section we start in Tokyo and end up in Kamakura, a popular tourist spot 60 km down the coat from the city.

  • Shimo-Kitazawa (seen here before the fumikiri was replaced)

  • Daikanyama

  • Naka-Meguro

  • Jiyugaoka (Anpanman relaxing on a bench in the pedestrian mall in Jiyugaoka, built over a former stream)
  • Yebisu Garden Place (in Ebisu)
  • Kawasaki

  • Yokohama (and Yokohama Chinatown)


  • Kamakura, home of the Great Buddha (Daibutsu)

See also:

  • Tokyo Top 10
  • Hand-drawn tourist map of Tokyo, which I keep promising myself to complete:

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