A walking map of the area to the west and northwest of Ueno Station. This route touches upon the Yanesan 谷根千 district, an areas of three adjoining neighborhoods (Yanaka 谷中, Nezu 根津, Sendagi 千駄木) known for quiet streets and old houses. Today’s route is mostly in Nezu and Yanaka.

  • 1. Shitamachi Museum
  • 2. Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens 旧岩崎邸庭園 (former mansion)
  • 3. Shinobazu Pond 不忍池
  • 4. Vintage streetcar (Toden) / small park: 池之端児童遊園 Ikenohata Children’s Park
  • 5. Narrow path / alleyway
  • 6. Hantei はん亭 (restaurant in beautiful, traditional building), and sign: 旧根津宮永町 Former Nezu Miyanagamachi
  • 7. Whimsical example of kanban kenchiku architecture: Kinuya 絹屋 shop, part of Nezu Ginza shopping street
  • 8. Narrow paths with what appears to be a flood marker; this is close to the course of the former Shakujii River 旧石神井川 , which is now buried underground. (For context, see: Walking on water: the underground rivers of Tokyo 東京の地下河川や運河の地図 )
  • 9. Daimyo Clock Museum 大名時計博物館
  • 10. みかどパン店: a sweets store next to enormous tree
  • 11. Scai the bathhouse (contemporary art gallery)
  • 12. Yanaka Beer Hall and Kayaba Bakery: these are right next to each other in restored old wooden buildings
  • 13. Kayaba coffee
  • 14. Shitamachi Museum Annex
  • 15. Cherry tree street
  • 16. 旧寛永寺坂駅跡 former subway station (see Twitter for photos)

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