Maps of Edo-era Tokyo: a focus on water

(1) In this map of Edo (with west at the top of the map), the city’s network of rivers and canals is immediately apparent.

(2) Several maps centering on Tsukudajima 佃島: A fishing village, then a Sky Tree mystery

(2a) Map: Tsukudajima is the rectangle in the lower-center with the dotted line reaching its northwest corner. The larger land mass was known as Ishikawa 「石川島」. Together, Tsukudajima and Ishikawa are now known as Tsukuda 佃, part of Tokyo’s Chuo ward.

(2b) A map with more context: A red ‘佃島’ points to the island. Ishikawa 石川島 is noted in white.

(2c) Here, we see the relative positions of Tsukudashima and Eitaibashi 永代橋, circa 1830-43.

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