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I. Cruel story of obsessive-compulsiveness

Often, when I watch old Japanese movies, I come across familiar-looking filming locations that drive me to the point of distraction. Where was that filmed? I am compelled to find the answer, spending dozens of hours to find the answer. I’ve blogged about this a before, whether it’s an intersection in Akasaka, a church in Yotsuya, or Sensō-ji in Asakusa.

In a prior-post, I described a puzzling scene from Cruel Story of Youth (1960) 青春残酷物語, which shows a boat passing by wooden pilings and into a large pool filled with floating logs. Here, in consecutive photos, is a full sweep of the scene:

The following provides the best clues regarding the camera location. (Exhibit A).

Cruel story of Youth boat Odaiba 1960Where was this filmed? Once you know the answer, it seems a bit obvious. It is right next to Odaiba お台場, an artificial island in Tokyo. The exact location is here. Here is the area…

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