Maps of Setagaya-ku, Toyko

Maps from:  生活景による景観形成に関する研究 : 世田谷区地域風景資産からの考察 / Landscape Formation from the Community-scape. Study from the Assets of Local Scenery of Setagaya Ward, by 小笠原れい子 Ogasawara, Reiko, 東京大学大学院 University of Tokyo Graduate School

Map 3-1: Setagaya-ku is in green. Tokyo’s “special” 23 wards are in bright yellow at right (east). The remainder of Tokyo-to is in dull yellow at left (west)

Map 3-3: Setagaya-ku elevation map. The green edge at bottom of the map touches the Tamagawa river. The small green strand at the upper right side of the map is near Ikejiri-Ohashi station, by the Meguro River.

For more Tokyo elevation maps, see:


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