Taito-ku map: Ueno and Shinobazu Pond

Area guide map 住居表示街区案内図 of a section of Tokyo’s Taito-ku 台東区 ward:

To the left of the map, behind the trees in the distance, we can see traces of Shinobazu pond 不忍池. Here’s a better view:

And another:

The pond is the subject of one of my favorite woodblock prints, by Kasamatsu Shiro 笠松紫浪 (1898-1991).  Rainy evening at Shinobazu pond 不忍池 (1938)

Here’s a closer look at the map (with and without annotation):

In addition to Shinobazu Pond the map includes:

  • Ueno Park 上野公園 (map)
  • Ueno Station
  • Shitamachi Museum 下町風俗資料館 (map)

See also:


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