Ota-ku walking map: Denenchofu

Denenchofu map: “Tamagawa River Scenery and Rokugo Irrigation Canall”

Highlights from the Ota-ku walking map for Denenchofu include:

  • In Tamagawadai park: ancient kofun burial mounds, including Horaisan Kofun:
  • Ota-ku’s oldest tunnel
  • Sakurazaka (slope lined with cherry tress)

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  1. How much of the Rokugo Yosui have you got mapped? I’ve been to the beginning on the Tama a bit upstream from Tamagawasuido Bashi and done everything from where it emerges from under the Tomei Expressway to the Omori Post Office. But I haven’t found the bit between Komae and the Nogawa

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