(N1) Yoshiwara, North Asakusa and Sanya maps 吉原と北部浅草と山谷マップ

(1) Yoshiwara maps

A companion to my post, A walk in the sex park: Yoshiwara and the Tokyo bordello

a) Yoshiwara & Sanya map

b) Directions to Yoshiwara from Minowa Station 三ノ輪駅 (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line):

c) Directions to Yoshiwara from Asakusa Station:

d) Directions to Yoshiwara from JR Uguisudani 鶯谷駅:

(2) North Asakusa Map:

Published by the Association of Economy Hotels in Johoku Area 城北旅館組合 (aka the Johoku Ryokan Association). See their website for more information: (Japanese) (English)

Map includes:

Front and back cover…the second picture notes:

“San’ya 山谷 and North Asakusa 浅草北部: the North Asakusa area is commonly known as “San’ya”. Although this area was burnt down twice, following an earthquake in 1923 and air raids in 1945, it kept hosting people coming to Tokyo.

2002 FIFA World Cup made this area famous as a cheap accommodation provider  – many supporters stayed here,  getting their information through the Internet.”

  • See the following for additional version of the map: PDF


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