Walking on water: the underground rivers of Tokyo 東京の地下河川や運河の地図

the tokyo files 東京ファイル

New York has its High Line. Seoul has Cheonggyecheon 청계천 清渓川, a glorious urban river in the heart of the city. What does Tokyo have? A lot, it turns out. There are countless miles of pedestrian paths and “green roads” that follow the route of old rivers and streams. They may not be well-publicized, but they are EVERYWHERE, as I would find out. This post is in part a history, in part a travel guide, and completely an obsession of mine. (I’m not alone…a recently published book is titled 『 暗渠マニアック!』 (Ankyo Maniac), or “Culvert Maniac!”).

Tokyo underground water map river reclaimed land.jpgIntroduction:

It started with an observation: a streetwith a raised path running down the center of the road. The path was landscaped like a park, with trees, paving stones, and the occasional bench.

Were these the remains of a defunct streetcar? They reminded me of the grassy median of the old Middlesex and Boston Street Railway that used…

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