(H1) Hamarikyu Gardens map 浜離宮恩賜庭園地図

Map of Hamarikyu Gardens 浜離宮恩賜庭園 (map), aka Hamarikyu Koen / Hamarikyu Park.

Hamarikyu koen park Tokyo Japan map details

Points of interest include:

  • Kamoba 鴨場 (duck hunting sites in the garden)
  • Kamozuka (duck grave)
  • 300-year pine

The 300-year pine

  • The Peony Garden and the flower field
  • Waterbus landing (see Tokyo Cruise / Suijobus)
  • Shogun O-agariba
  • Shin-hi-no-kuchiyama
  • Shioiri-no-ike
  • Nakajima-no-ochaya
  • O-tsutai-bashi

More maps:

Aerial view of the park:

Hamarikyu Koen Park Tsukiji market aerial view

A view of Tokyo Tower from Hamarikyu Gardens (see also: 36 views of Tokyo Tower)

See also:



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