Tokyo hand-drawn map: Ikebukuro, Zoshigaya (Map 12)

A hand-drawn map that I used as notes for a trip from Akabane-Iwabuchi to JR Akabane Station, followed by a few locations on the outer outskirts of Ikebukuro Station…plus a reminder to buy Shinkansen tickets. The notation, [49 G6], corresponds to the page and map coordinates of the indispensible book of Tokyo maps, Tokyo City Atlas: A Bilingual Guide.

Map at right:

Walking from Ikebukuro Station (represented by the railroad tracks), the map indicates “Missionary House”, which refers to the ZOSHIGAYA MISSIONARY MUSEUM 雑司が谷旧宣教師館 (HOME OF JM マッケーレブ) (MAP).

The Zoshigaya Missionary Museum is a 1907 Western-style wooden building that was the home of John Moody McCaleb ジョン・ムーディー・マッケーレブ / J.M.マッケーレブ. McCaleb was a Christian missionary from Nashville, Tennessee who lived in this house for 35 years until World War II forced him to return to the United States, in 1941. The museum is nestled in a residential neighborhood, near Zōshigaya Cemetery 雑司が谷霊園, and is just 1 mile from Ikebukuro Station. Fittingly, the closest rail line is actually an old-fashioned streetcar, the Toden Arakawa Line 都電荒川線 (pic 1pic 2), which is worth riding just for the fun of it.

Map at left:

Map indicated “Catholic”, which refers to St. Mary’s Cathedral 東京カテドラル聖マリア大聖堂.

St. Mary’s Cathedral is a stunning work and a must-see for anyone with more than a passing interest in architecture. The cathedral was designed by Kenzo Tange 丹下 健三 and completed in 1964. Located halfway between Iidabashi 飯田橋 and Ikebukuro 池袋, it’s a 10 minute walk from Gokokuji Station 護国寺駅, or a 12 minute walk from Edogawabashi Station 江戸川橋駅.  See map.  I suspect it is best to visit on a sunny day in order to appreciate the structure’s gleaming vertical lines; however, as you can see, a clear dusk evening provides a wonderful backdrop.

Also designed by Kenzo Tange:

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