Koto-ku walking map: Onagigawa & Higashi-Ojima

Two maps of areas of interest in Higashi-Ojima, on the eastern edges of Koto-ku, and along the Onagigawa River, which runs across Koto-ku.

Map I: Higashi-Ojima Sanpo Map 東大島周辺おさんぽMAP

Seen in the map:

Train stations:

In the middle of the map, running left to right, then sloping down, is the Toei Shinjuku Line 都営地下鉄新宿線. Towards the left of the map is 大島駅 (Ojima Station), and towards the right is 東大島駅 (Higashi-Ojima Station).


  • Right of the map: Kyunaka River 旧中川 (Old Nakagawa)
  • Bottom of map: Onagigawa River 小名木川

Notable sites:

(1) 中川番所跡 Nakagawa Ship Guard Station & Museum

Here are a few pictures of the Nakagawa Ship Guard Station, which, during the Edo era, was used to check waterway-bound trade. As I’ve cited in a previous post, “The station checked people and goods brought by barges into Edo; this included monitoring the flow of weapons to identify potential wars against the Shogunate.  The station also checked the flow of women leaving Edo, as the Shogunate would take hostage the wife of each feudal lord in Edo and forbid her from going home.”

(2) 小名木川しおのみち Onagigawa River Shio-no-michi (Onagigawa Salt Road)

This river was used as a channel to transport salt during the Edo era.

(3) 宝塔寺塩なめ地蔵 Hotoji Shioname Jizo Temple

This temple has something to do with salt and the removal of warts. Seen here, bags of salt as offerings at the temple (source):

(4) 大島稲荷神社 Ojima-Inari Jinja Shrine

(5) 子安神社跡庚申堂 Koyasu Shrine ruins

Small shrine at a street corner.

(6) 東大島神社 Higashi-Ojima Shrine

(7) 南本所牛島神社跡石碑 Shrine Monument

(8) 旧小松川閘門 Old Canal Lock in Edogawa-ku (map)

Map II: Onagigawa Walking Maniac 小名木川マニアック散策

Walking map along the Onagigawa River and its many bridges:

The best item shown here is the four-way Onagigawa Clover Bridge 小名木川クローバー橋 (map):

The Clover Bridge is visible in an excellent photosphere (source):

Here’s a then-and-now photo comparison from the excellent Sumitomo Mitsui Trust website (view looking north-west, former Tokyo Gas facility 「東京瓦斯 深川製造所」:

This bridge is reminiscent of the Miyoshibashi  三吉橋 bridge, that used to cross the Tsukijigawa in Ginza. The river has since been filled in.

See also:

Map of items discussed in this post:

Nearby sites:



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