Map: Tama New Town overlaid on a map of central Tokyo

I’ll say it: Tama New Town is enormous.

Tama New Town 多摩ニュータウン is a series of housing developments first planned in the 1960s and opened in the early 1970s. These housing developments, built by various governmental housing agencies, grew to over 200,000, and is the largest housing development in Japan. However, unlike most danchi (public housing complexes), Tama New Town is not physically coherent development due to staggered development, multiple housing agencies, and sheer size: the new town is roughly 9 miles wide.

The following is a map I created to overlay Tama New Town on top of a map of central Tokyo. Note: Tama New Town’s size and shape are approximate, but still fairly accurate for purposes of comparison.

Tama New Town should really be called “Tama New Towns”, given the size of the development and the multiple development agencies involved. This chart, with 1994 data, provides a nice overview. Source: “The Transit Metropolis: A Global Inquiry” (I made the map)

Related map:

Passing below Tama New Town is the old 津久井道 Tsukui Highway, an Edo-era road used for commerce and everyday life such as silk, persimmon, and charcoal. See: Kawasaki: Tsukui Highway and Masugata Castle 川崎歴史ガイド ⊗ 津久井道と忻形稢址



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