Walking map: Shinagawa Station and Minato Bay Area

港区ベイエリア安心お散歩・カナルコース Minato-ku Bay Area Peace-of-Mind Walk (anshin 安心 sanpo 散歩) / Canal Course

Items on the map include the following (numbers correspond to the map):

  • (1) 品川駅 Shinagawa Station
  • (2) 東八ツ山公園 Higashiyatsuyama Park
  • (3) 港南公園 Konan Park
  • TAP(タップ)
  • ふれあい橋 = Tennozu Fureai Bridge 天王洲, now a pedestrian bridge near the enjoyable TY Harbor Brewery
  • 雲鷹丸 Unyo-maru, historic boat (Wikipedia)
  • (4) (pictured, but not written) 港南緑水公園 Kōnan Ryokusui Park (map)
  • 港南大橋 (Konan Ohashi Bridge)
  • 第一芝浦丸 (historic tugboat-style ship, now a small museum) (map) (photos)
  • (5) 港南三丁目遊び場 Konan Third Street playground (map)
  • (6) 浜路橋 (Hamaji Bridge)
  • (7) 新港南橋 (Shin Konan Bridge)
  • (8) 御楯橋 (Otobashi Bridge)

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