Various maps from Tokyo-area parks.

Map 1: 大田区自然観察路 「雑木林のみち」 Ota Ward Nature Observation Route “Thicket of trees path”

ポイント1: 多摩川の風景ウォッチング Point 1: Scenery of Tama River Watching

Map 2:


Map 3:

Map 4:

Map 5: Seibu Lions

Map 6: 八景を訪ねる (Visit 8-views ‘Hakkei‘)

  • 多摩川台公園 Tamagawa Table Park

Map 7:

Map 8: Enoshima

Map 9: Kawasaki industrial zone (?)

Funny Japanese Street Signs 面白い道路標識

Tourist maps and park maps 観光地図:

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