(SG1) Sagami Railway Line Map 相模線沿線マップ

A map of the Sagami Line 相模線 (Sagami-sen).

List of stations:

  1. Chigasaki 茅ヶ崎駅: the coastal section of the Hakone Ekiden relay race can be accessed from here)
  2. Kita-Chigasaki 北茅ヶ崎駅
  3. Kagawa 香川駅: home of the nearby Kumazawa Brewing Company / Mokichi Trattoria)
  4. Samukawa 寒川駅
  5. Miyayama  宮山駅
  6. Kurami 倉見駅: one of many places in Japan named after  kura 倉 warehouses; e.g. Kurashiki)
  7. Kadosawabashi  門沢橋駅
  8. Shake  社家駅
  9. Atsugi 厚木駅: ‘Atsugi’ is best known for the nearby air base)
  10. Ebina   海老名駅: this station seems newly redeveloped, with a large shopping center and nearby Ricoh corporation
  11. Iriya  入谷駅: in the middle of rice fields; not to be confused with a station of the same name in central Tokyo
  12. Sōbudaishita 相武台下駅
  13. Shimomizo 下溝駅
  14. Harataima 原当麻駅: nearby is the Yokohama Suido Green Road, the remains of a drinking water road 水道道路 (suidodoro), which have left their trace all over the greater Tokyo area
  15. Banda 番田駅
  16. Kamimizo 上溝駅: nearby is a hillside park (横山丘陵緑地) with a dark wooded road, reminiscent of one I’ve seen in Yokohama
  17. Minami-Hashimoto 南橋本駅
  18. Hashimoto 橋本駅

Items of interest:

  • Shiroyama Lake 城山湖 and Honzawa Dam 本沢ダム (upper-right corner)
  • Tsukui Lake 津久井湖
  • Sagami River
  • Nakatsugawa River 中津川
  • Sagami Giant Kite Festival 相模大凧: held annually on or around May 4th and 5th (photo source)

Other items:

  • Mekujiri River 目久尻川
  • Koidegawa (Koide River) 小出川
  • Koide River Cluster Amaryllis Festival (Higanbana) 小出川 彼岸花 (link)
  • Map of the Amaryllis Festival (source):

Annotated Google Map:


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