(K4) Kawasaki: Tsukui Highway and Masugata Castle 川崎歴史ガイド ⊗ 津久井道と忻形稢址

Title川崎歴史ガイド ⊗ 津久井道と忻形稢址 “Kawasaki History Guide: Tsukui Highway and Masugata Castle”

川崎歴史ガイド  = Kawasaki History Guide. 津久井道と忻形稢址 means:

津久井道 Tsukui Highway / Tsukui-michi 津久井みち

と and

枡形城 忻形稢址 Masugata Castle (Masugata-jo / ますがたじょう) (map)

Part I:  the map’s title

(1) 津久井道 Tsukui Highway

The Tsukui Highway was an Edo-era road used for commerce and everyday life. Japanese Wikipedia and an educational website for children (sponsored by McDonald’s) describe the products transported on this road, which included silk 絹, a special type of persimmon 「 禅寺丸柿 」, and Kurokawa charcoal 黒川炭 made in the forests of the Tama hills 多摩丘陵の森林. The silk was likely from nearby Sagamihara, a silk center  

For more about the charcoal, see this passage written in 1903 from Japan in the Beginning of the 20th Century.

(2)  Masugata Castle  枡形城

Masugata-jo (ますがたじょう) was a mountain castle 山城 in the hills of what is now Ikuta-Ryokuchi-Park 生田緑地 (map). There’s a an observation tower from which you can see central Tokyo and the Landmark Tower in Yokohama.

Part II: the map, annotated

Items on the map include:

Part III: Google Maps

A fellow map-lover put together the following map of what I understand is the full 津久井道 Tsukui Highway / Tsukui-michi 津久井みち:

See also:

Nearby items of interest:

More about charcoal:

More about silk:


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