(IN1) Lake Inba Numa map 印旛沼地図

Map 1: A while ago I went for a memorable walk along the Hanami River in Chiba. I wrote a post about it, and included this map of the Inba Discharge Channel, which is part of the Tonegawa 利根川 (Tone River), the largest watershed in Japan. The Tonegawa flows horizontally at the top of this map:

In the middle of this map is Lake Inba Numa, which is split into two sections. Items in this map include, from top to bottom:

  • Lake Inba-numa North 北印旛沼
  • Inba Discharge Channel (Inba Hōsuiro) 印旛放水路
  • Lake Inba-numa West 西印旛沼
  • Shin River (Shingawa) 新川
  • Ōwada Drainage Pump Station 大和田排水機場から
  • Hanamigawa (Hanami River) 花見川

How to get to Lake Inba Numa by train?

  • Lake Inba-numa North 北印旛沼: the closest train station is Shimosa-Manzaki Station 下総松崎駅 (map), on the Narita Line (a 20-minute walk)
  • Lake Inba-numa West 西印旛沼: the closest station from the south is Keisei-Usui Station 京成臼井駅 (KS34) (map) on the Keisei Main Line; from the north the closest station is Imba-nihon-Idai Station 印旛日本医大駅 (HS14) (map) on the Hokuso Line

Map 2水だって, キレイが大好き! (Even water loves to be beautiful!)

This map covers about the same area as Map 1, and is of a similar scale. In both maps, the place where water drains into Tokyo Bay is located here, near Kemigawahama Station 検見川浜駅.

Map 3: 印旛沼自転車道 沿案内図 (Inba-numa Bicycle route guide map)

Details include the tracks of the tiny Yukarigaoka Line 山万ユーカリが丘線, which I profiled in Monorails and more: Tokyo’s amusing train lines.

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