(HD8) Kawaguchi Art Factory and the Red Sluice Gate 岩淵水門

Before heading out into the great big city, I often use notecards to sketch an overall concept for my weekend plans. Here’s a card from 2012 with vastly different ideas.

(1) Front side:

  1. At top of the map is Kawaguchi Art Factory (map), now closed. This is marked as “STUDIO” in the map portion of the card
  2. Below the “STUDIO” is marked “RED GATE”, which refers to the Red Sluice Gate, a former flood gate that managed the flow of water between the Arakawa and Sumidagawa rivers.
  3. At bottom of the map is “TO SUBWAY, AKABANE-IWABUCHI STATION” 赤羽岩淵駅

Red Sluice Gate:

Other items mentioned on this card are geographically diversified:

(2) Flip side:

This map provides detail of the location of Kawaguchi Art Factory, marked here as “STUDIO”. The station drawn on this map is Kawaguchi-Motogo Station 川口元郷駅, of the Saitama Railway Line 埼玉高速鉄道線, with direct through-service with Tokyo’s Namboku subway line.

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