Tennozu Isle Map (and Tokyo Bay ‘daiba’ defensive islands) 天王洲アイル 地図

Three maps of Tennozu Isle, a man-made island to the east of Shinagawa station.

(1) 寺田倉庫 天王洲エリア案内図 Warehouse Terada & Tennozu area guide map

At the top of the map (which is East) are the two Tennozu Isle Stations 天王洲アイル駅 (one serves the Tokyo Monorail line  東京モノレール and one serves the Rinkai Line りんかい線). At bottom-left (which is Northeast) is Tennozu Fureai Bridge 天王洲ふれあい橋, now a pedestrian bridge near the enjoyable TY Harbor Brewery.

The name of this map refers to 寺田倉庫(Warehouse TERRADA) a re-purposed (some might say ‘gentrified’) warehouse district that includes cafes and art spaces, such as the following places:

  • 株式会社アマナ様 / amana
  • ソノ アイダ#TENNOZ / Sono Aida # TENNOZ
  • 天王洲キャナルフェス / Tennozu Canal Festival

(2) @TENNOZ: area map of Tennozu Isle

@Tennoz is a name used to promote the Tennozu Isle area. The following map includes much of the areas described above.

(3) 省区立港南公園 Konan District Area Park

Just across the water from TY Harbor is the entrance of Konan District Area Park 省区立港南公園入口:

A little history:

Tennozu Isle and the neighboring areas are built on reclaimed land. And, interestingly, the northeast corner of Tennozu Isle is formed from the remains of an old daiba 台場, and is now the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort 第一ホテル東京シーフォート. Daiba were man-made battery islands built, starting in 1853, as a defense against Commodore Perry and foreign invaders. Here’s a view of Tennozu Isle and Tokyo bay from circa 1936:

For more about daiba and the current-day Odaiba district of Tokyo, see: Odaiba, then & now: a visual history. Here’s a map from that post:



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