(K2) Takatsu-ku ento-bunsui walking map (Kawasaki) 円筒分水と久地不動尊コース

Takatsu-ku 高津区 in Kawasaki published several walking maps, one of which I’ve included below. The following course, 円筒分水と久地不動尊コース “Ento bunsui and Fudosan course”, course is named after 円筒分水 ento bunsui, a cylindrical water-dividing device that I’ve written about before, and 久地不動尊, a religious site. The maps:

A description of the course is available on the Kawasaki city website, along with descriptions of seven points of interest. They are:

(1) 二ケ領用水 Nikaryo yosui canal 

(2) 円筒分水 ento bunsi (map) – seen below (source)

Images: “Kuji entobunsui Guide map” on the streets of Kawasaki; photo of construction team at the completion of the nearby water-control project:

(3) 久地神社 Kuji shrine

(4) 久地弁天池 池と太鼓橋とお宮 A bridge and shrine

(5) 久地不動尊 Kuji fudōson Buddhist Temple (map)

(6) 梅屋敷 Umeyashiki “plum house”

(7) 養周院 Yoshuin temple

Links about Takatsu-ku and Kawasaki:

Links about ento bunsui:


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