Hand-drawn maps (7-10): Shibuya, Mitake, Koenji, Seijo

This is the third installment in a series of hand-written maps that I use to help me find my way in Tokyo. The following maps include a Korean restaurant, a beer bar, a small train station in western Tokyo, and Godzilla (sort of).

(7) Map for Hyungboo Korean Restaurant 兄夫食堂 渋谷店 in Shibuya (map)

Points of reference include Shibuya Crossing, KFC and Freshness Burger, the Bunkamura theater/cultural center, and the notorious Gas Panic nightclub (though the location of Gas Panic appears inaccurate per my map). I swear I only included these reference points because they are recognizable, not because I enjoy them!

I also made a drawing of the restaurant’s entrance to guide me. How does my drawing compare to the real thing? (I know the kanji is wrong!)

(8) Mitake-san area: Kawai station

During a hike near Ashigakubo station, I met Tanaka-san, a retired charcoal salesman who invited me to join him for a hike near his summer cottage near Mitake-san. A few weeks later I met Tanaka-san at Kawai station 川井駅,  on the upper reaches of the Tamagawa river, where the river forms a deep gorge between the steep hills. You can read about this at a previous post,  A drop of golden Sundays – love and loss in a Tokyo summer.

This map shows Kawai station and neighboring stations, as well as the shape of the train line, which mirrors the shape of the river. Other stations are: Mitake 御嶽駅, Sawai 沢井駅, and Ikusabata 軍畑駅.

(9) Map of Koenji Beer Workshop 高円寺麦酒工房 (Koenji Bakushu Kobo)

As described in a previous post, Koenji Beer Workshop is a fun place to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon; good beer, relaxing atmosphere, and tasty bar food. This is a map I made to help me on my first visit to the beer bar. I also apparently intended to visit some place called “Zinc” in Nakano, but I don’t recall why.

(10) Toho Film Studio and Seijogakuen-mae Station 成城学園前駅 (Setagaya-ku)

This pair of maps depicts a walk from Sakurashinmachi to Seijogakuen-mae, one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Tokyo.


The route takes you past Kinuta Park, which has a wonderful 1.7 kilometer running path (full PDF):

The walk then follows the Sengawa River 仙川, along which is located the venerable Toho Studios (map), responsible for such classics as Godzilla and The Seven Samurai; both of these films are prominently displayed on the studio’s entrance (source):

When I reached Seijogakuen-Mae Station 成城学園前駅, I had dinner at a restaurant at the Seijo Corty 成城コルティ shopping center, a nice, reasonably-sized facility with views of Mt. Fuji and of Tokyo Sky Tree from either end.

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