Showa Retro Street Map 昭和レトロ香ばしい町並みマップ

Map of old buildings and other examples of retro Showa nostalgia:

Categories of the map include “香ばしマップ” which can be translated as “aroma map”, and relates to the phrase “香ばしい町並み”, which can be translated as “fragrant streets” or “streets with flavor”. In this context I don’t think the word 香ばし literally means an aroma, but rather a strong feeling that is brought about when exposed to a an an old setting that is full of character.

An example from the map is Fruit Parlor Tanaka フルーツパーラーたなか in Meguro-ku, Tokyo (map):

Tanaka Fruit shop Meguro Tokyo retro showa

Old fruit stores are often wonderfully atmospheric and reminiscent of old post-war Tokyo shotengai; for example:

See also:



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