Sloping roads of Tokyo 東京23区坂道マップ

The following website has extensive information about the more than 700 slopes in Tokyo that have names: 「名前の付いた坂道」

The word means “slope”, and is pronounced, saka, though it can become zaka when used in combination, e.g. Nogizaka 乃木坂. By adding the kanji (road, path, etc.), we get  坂道, which means “sloping road” or “hill road” and is pronounced sakamichi さかみち.

These roads acquire names for various reasons; Supein-zaka (Spanish hill) is so named for its “resemblance to a typically Spanish street” (source). Nearby is the famous Dogenzaka 道玄坂, known as “Love Hotel Hill” because of its high concentration of love hotels.

A google map of many of the named sakamichi in Tokyo’s 23 central wards:

And a slope map of Tokyo 坂道マップ, from the tokyo files – urban design:

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