(T2) Todoroki Ravine Park map 等々力渓谷公園の地図

Much has already been posted about Todoroki Keikoku (valley)  等々力渓谷, aka Todoroki Ravine Park 等々力渓谷公園 (map), so I’ll stick to what I do best: maps.

Todoroki Keikoku is a lush, steep ravine cutting through a residential neighborhood on the southern part of Tokyo. It’s especially nice to visit on a hot day, as the temperature in the ravine can be noticeably cooler that at street-level. In addition to a peaceful path along a river, the valley includes a temple and other points of interest:

The main features of this map include:

  • (1) Todoroki Station 等々力駅 (map)
  • (2) Stairs that descend from street to the valley stream (map)
  • (3) 日本庭園等々力 (Nihon teien todoroki) Japanese garden Todoroki (map)
  • (4) 等々力不動尊 Todorokifudo (temple) (map)
  • (4b) At the bottom of the temple, along the river valley, is a small waterfall
  • (5) Cherry trees are south of Todorokifudo  and can be seen from a viewing-station (map)

Todoroki Keikoku Valley Ravine Park Tokyo - annotated


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