Where was the explosion in Akira?

the tokyo files 東京ファイル

We’ve all seen Akira AKIRA』(アキラ), yes?

The manga and anime versions of this story are enormously popular, so I’m surprised that I can’t find anyone online asking the question, “where did the bomb fall in Akira?” You know, THIS bomb:

Below is (1) a composite of stills from the opening scene, and (2) an aerial view from today, per Google Earth:

Watch the opening here:

Here is a closer look from Google Earth. Based on my analysis of the Akira stills, the bomb detonates at approximately the follwoing coordinates: 35.669409, 139.644459.

This happens to be a large cemetery just to the west of the Izumi campus 和泉キャンパス of Meiji University (Meiji daigaku) 明治大学.

In the manga version, the location of the bomb appears much closer to the center of Shinjuku:


“The deep influence of the A-bomb on anime and manga” (Frank Fuller, The Conversation)

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