Shimoda 下田市 is perhaps unfairly overlooked by tourists today, owing to its somewhat inconvenient location. This map describes Shimoda’s role as a port on the sea route from Western (Southern) Japan, and Edo (Tokyo).

The Approaches to Edo – Early 19th Century

Map to Edo 19th century Shimoda Tokyo

Source: Page 201, East Asia: the modern transformation (1965) – full scanned copy available HERE

Shimoda Tourist Map

Shimoda Japan tourist map painting

View of Shimoda Harbor

And here is a view of Shimoda’s protected harbor. This vantage point is best reached by the Shimoda Ropeway 下田ロープウェイ, a cable car accessible from Sanroku Station 山麓, which is merely feet away from Izukyu-Shimoda train station 伊豆急下田駅.

Shimoda Japan harbor panorama view

More views from the hill overlooking the harbor:

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